As has become a trend with the team, the Denver Nuggets have once again failed in their attempts to land a star.

Though they had been engaged in talks with several teams (including the Nuggets), the Atlanta Hawks have reportedly pulled forward Paul Millsap off of the market. Apparently, they intend to attempt to compete in the Eastern Conference.

The Nuggets on the other hand, are on a 5-game slide.  Their defense has been problematic, to say the least (an area which Millsap would have helped). They are currently in London, awaiting their contest on Thursday against the Indiana Pacers.

It is hard to lament the loss of something you never really had, but the Nuggets do need to buck the trend of getting rebuffed both on the trade market and in free agency.  There is a big name however, that now could be available.

Derrick Rose.

When healthy, Rose has proven to have the ability to perform in the NBA. The 28-year-old guard boasts averages of 19.5 points and 6.1 assists per game.

The marriage between Rose and the New York Knicks hasn’t gone as either side has hoped. It is a distinct possibility that parting ways could be in the best interest of both sides.

A former MVP, he has plenty of talent and could be the marquee name that Nuggets fans have been clamoring for. That being said, trading for Rose would be a mistake.

Do they need a star? Well, it would be nice. What they really need however, is a leader.

Derrick Rose is many things, I would not count being a good leader amongst them. He has shown a tendency to make excuses and, perhaps most damning, he just bailed on the Knicks before a game without even so much as a phone call before he left.

The Nuggets may need a culture change, but is inserting someone into the locker room that thinks that behavior is okay isn’t the answer.  Also worth mentioning is that Rose cannot stay healthy and will be a free agent after the season (as will Millsap).

The Nuggets got burned by Andre Iguadala, who left for the Golden State Warriors the summer after being acquired by Denver.  Do they really want to surrender the assets necessary to get a rental and risk getting burned yet again?

The Nuggets definitely need to do something, but trading for Derrick Rose simply is not it.