On Monday, it was announced that the Oakland Raiders would be taking their talents to Las Vegas. Longtime Las Vegas columnist and former contributor to the Rocky Mountain News Norm Clarke joined Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro during Afternoon Drive, letting people know how the town is taking the news.

“I would say it’s the closest thing to Christmas in Las Vegas,” Clarke said. “They certainly pulled this together fast. One thing we know about Las Vegas is that things happen fast in that city and that money talks.”

The Raiders aren’t planning to head to Sin City until the 2019 season. Until that time, they will continue to call Oakland home. Perhaps they will even leave Raiders fans in the Bay Area with a parting gift.

“To me, one of the great bits of irony is that the Raiders could end up winning a Super Bowl before they get to Las Vegas,” Clarke said. “That’s pretty bizarre to me.

“For people like myself and you guys [Goodman and Shapiro], we’ve been Bronco fans for a long time, probably don’t wish that on the Raiders fans, but there’s a good chance that could happen.”

Listen to the full interview with Norm Clarke, including info on the Raiders’ plan for a new stadium and “making it rain,” in the podcast below.

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