The NFL draft is just a few hours away, and excitement is bubbling throughout the league, especially amongst the most diehard of fans who are hoping and praying their team doesn’t screw up these next few days.

And while, yes, the NFL draft is a crapshoot, and any takeaways we have on Friday after Round 1 or on Monday after Round 7 won’t mean a thing in three years, it’s fun. It’s really fun. That’s why they’ve turned the first three rounds into primetime events, and why Mel Kiper, Todd McShay and Mike Mayock are now household names.

The draft lasts three days, and yet many of us talk about it for 362 more.

So before we get consumed in the festivities, let’s run through a few predictions, shall we?

The Broncos will trade for a quarterback 

By the time Round 7 ends on Saturday, John Elway needs to have secured at least one (hopefully) starting-caliber quarterback to at least compete with Mark Sanchez in training camp. Whether that be Colin Kaepernick, Case Keenum, Mike Glennon or Sam Bradford, I don’t know.

If I had my choice, though, I’d do just about all I could to get Tyrod Taylor in the building. I detailed my affinity for him earlier this offseason, but the possibility of it happening only seems to be increasing as time goes on. The Bills don’t seem to be interested in locking him up long term, and they’ve made it clear they’re looking to add a quarterback in the draft, as early as the first round.

That’s not likely to sit well with Taylor, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he forces himself out of Buffalo in short order. We already know he’s got a relationship with Gary Kubiak, so don’t be surprised if you’re suddenly looking up Tyrod Taylor highlights this weekend — trust me, they’re fun.