Five free agent small forwards the Denver Nuggets could be targeting

Harrison Barnes

Age: 23     Size: 6’8″, 225lbs 

Career Stats: 10.1 points; 1.5 assists; 4.6 rebounds 

2015-16 Stats: 11.7 points; 1.8 assists; 4.9 rebounds

Harriosn Barnes is putting up nice numbers and is not use to losing very often. Barnes has a ton of potential; however, he may not be able to show it in Golden State, with the powerhouse of a roster they have, meaning Barnes could leave the Golden City to pursue more playing time and money elsewhere. Both are things Denver could provide.

While his game does need polishing, it is one that could really help boost the Nuggets.

Versatility is a word you could use to describe Barnes.

He can guard both forward positions, and even centers when called upon. He is an athletic wing player who can stretch it on both ends of the floor.

The Nuggets need depth at the forward position, especially with Wilson Chandler and Danilo Gallinari constantly battling injury.

Barnes is also just 23 years old, meaning he could slide in perfectly with the wave of youth the Nuggets are trying to build around; he would also bring in a championship mentality to a team with no current NBA champs under contract.

One of the biggest questions surrounding Barnes is money. He reportedly turned down upwards of $60 million dollars last season; he wants to strike gold despite the fact he is a restricted free agent.

Either way, the Nuggets have a ton of cap space and are willing to use it to get the guy they want.