Most non-NBA diehards turn off the TV after the first round of the draft finishes up, maybe even sooner, but that would be a mistake this year.

While the group of true superstar talents may be two deep, the number of future NBA role players is as deep as ever, with late second-round selections expected to play contributing roles in the league for a long time.

Not to mention, all you have to do is watch a game from Nikola Jokic or Draymond Green to see just how good second-round selections can end up being.

So, with two picks in the NBA Draft’s final round, here are five players the Denver Nuggets should be targeting:

Thon Maker, Canada

Age: 19 years old     Size: 7’1, 225 pounds

Last Season’s Stats: 11.2 points; 6.7 rebounds; 2.1 blocks per game.

Percentages: None Available

Thon Maker has been slated to go in all kinds of different spots. While him falling to a later second-round selection seems unlikely, truly anything is possible in this year’s draft. If he is available for the Nuggets to select at either the 53rd pick or the 56th pick, he would be worthy just based on his upside alone.

Maker has the ability to stretch the court from the center position and runs the floor extremely well. His immense length makes up for a lot of strength issues. Having a 9-foot-3 standing reach gives him upside as a shot-blocker and rebounder, and his 7-foot-3 wingspan gives him defensive upside on the perimeter if forced to switch out.

The biggest slight against Maker is his overall awareness of the game. He does not fully grasp basic fundamental basketball principles. While a lot has to do with his age and the lack of competition he played against in high school, some of the blame needs to be shouldered by Thon. He has relied on his physical talents his entire life and now he needs to begin polishing his entire game.

While Maker clearly needs more development, as a pure upside pick it is hard to not like what he brings to the team. Centers who can shoot, run the floor, blocks shots and have the tools to eventually switch on the perimeter are traits rarely found.