First things first, what Aqib Talib did was definitely dirty. You don’t just accidentally shove two fingers into someone’s eye, especially when you have the hand-eye coordination of a professional athlete.

That said, was it really that bad? People are trying to paint Talib’s eye poke out to be one of the most egregious, uncalled-for acts in recent football history. In my opinion, though, if the Three Stooges did it about five times an episode, it can’t be that bad.

And really, while getting poked in the eye can’t be the most comfortable thing, Talib couldn’t have been that far off when he said that Dwayne Allen acted as if he was in an “18-passenger car wreck” — whatever that means.

So instead of continuing to bash on Talib and his WWE-style finishing move, lets take a look at five plays that were dirtier than Aqib Talib’s: