After starting out the season 4-0 and looking like they still might be the team to beat in the NFL, the Denver Broncos have crashed back to earth over the past two weeks.

First, they allowed nearly 400 yards of offense, while mustering just 267, against the Atlanta Falcons. That added up to a 23-16 loss at home.

Then, they went on the road to the 1-4 San Diego Chargers and looked completely inept, committing 12 penalties and getting outworked for most of the night.

But the NFL season is nothing if not long, and we know that the Broncos are more than capable of getting back on track and making a strong push into the postseason.

Here are five ways the Broncos can get back to playing championship-level football:

Atlas (655x81)1. Start faster on both sides of the ball

Trevor SiemianYes, it sounds easy, but it isn’t quite that simple.

Imagine planning and preparing all week, only to see the plans and schemes that you install, failing to work again and again. So far, that is exactly what Gary Kubiak and Wade Phillips have experienced.

The Broncos have scored just 13 first quarter points through their first six games.

Hey, they have two quarterbacks that are basically rookies, so that is to be somewhat expected, right?

That might be fine, but it isn’t just the offense that is struggling. Through those same six games, the Broncos defense has allowed 41 points in the opening period.

So, either the Denver coaching staff has to tweak what they are calling to start, or they need to make some quicker adjustments once the game is underway. And the players must come ready to play from the opening kickoff, because right now, the Broncos, on average, are spotting their opponents a five-point lead, every time they take the field.