Although the Pro Bowl has always been an overlooked aspect of the NFL, the league is trying out new ideas to intrigue fans and players alike. For starters, the league decided to house the game in Orlando instead of Honolulu this year to hopefully revitalize the fans’ interest.

Former Denver Broncos safety Nick Ferguson, currently in Orlando covering the Pro Bowl, joined Eric Goodman and Sean Walsh during The Afternoon Drive on Mile High Sports Radio to give his thoughts on the game.

“This year, here in Orlando, Disney is trying to create a family atmosphere,” said Ferguson. “What they’re doing with players is they are able to invite their former high school coach or Pop Warner coach and the team that wins, whether it’s the AFC or NFC, the players get a pot of money. But, their coaches who came along with them, they get a grant to help develop their high school program.”

Ferguson also gave his thoughts on what he would add to the Pro Bowl to make it more intriguing for fans.

“I would like to see the guys get together and have a skills challenge. Maybe the defensive backs versus the wide receivers, or offensive line verses the defensive line in tug of war, things like that because you’re promoting the game, trying to create a family atmosphere, so seeing things like that take place would be great if I were putting it together.”

Listen to the full interview with Nick Ferguson, including his thoughts on Ben Roethlisberger’s potential retirement, in the podcast below.

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