Los Angeles Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers has always been one of the Denver Broncos’ biggest enemies. Despite this, with rumors of him potentially leaving, Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro during The Afternoon Drive on Mile High Sports Radio spoke with former University of Colorado linebacker and former Pro Bowler Chad Brown about Rivers potentially joining the Broncos.

The speculated trade would see the Broncos sending a pair of first-round draft picks along with Paxton Lynch for Rivers. Brown wasn’t thrilled with the idea of the trade.

  “If I’m the Denver Broncos I’m absolutely not doing that deal. A pair of first-round draft picks and Paxton Lynch, that price is pretty steep my friend”.

Even if they acquired Rivers, Brown doesn’t believe he would make the Broncos a serious Super Bowl contender.

“I just don’t like that deal for the Denver Broncos. It would be a short-term rental for Philip Rivers. While he is certainly having success in San Diego, it’s because he is kind of the man there. This franchise here in Denver runs differently. They want to win games with their defense”.

With Tony Romo also potentially leaving Dallas, Brown discussed the likelihood of the Broncos bringing him in. Although Brown doesn’t think he is a bad player, he believes bringing him in wouldn’t be an ideal move, stating he is “…a older, fragile guy, who would not be able to deal with the pounding he would most likely take behind a hopefully revamped Broncos offensive line”. Even if the Broncos don’t acquire Romo or Rivers this offseason, head coach Vance Joseph has stated there will be open competition for the starting job next season between Paxton Lynch and Trevor Siemian.

Listen to the full interview with Chad Brown, including his thoughts on the Broncos defense and the potential of him working for the organization, in the podcast below.


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