Yesterday, it was announced that Tom Brady‘s four-game suspension would be reinstated, as the court found it was within Roger Goodell’s power to levy the punishment on the game’s most successful quarterback.

For New England Patriots fans, this was bad news. For the rest of us, it was worse; it was the revival of Deflategate!

Whether you think Brady, Belichick and the Patriots are cheaters or not, there’s no denying that all this talk about deflated balls has lasted a long time — over a calendar year, actually. But if you listen to former Broncos lineman Tyler Polumbus, maybe it’s a good thing.

The Patriots have been called out on several occasions for questionable activity, with Deflategate being the latest, and there are many out there — Polumbus included — who would believe that New England will go to any length to win a football game.

That includes cheating.

Now, did they cheat their way to six Super Bowl appearances and four titles in the Brady-Belichick era? That’s a little hard to imagine, but there are most definitely some who would say yes.

Maybe the better question is: Does the rest of the NFL, players and coaches included, feel the same way as Polumbus?