It’s fun to be a Denver Broncos fan.

The team is coming off three straight wins to start the season, Trevor Siemian looks like a legitimate NFL quarterback, the skeptics have quickly jumped aboard the bandwagon and, oh yeah, we have a third Lombardi Trophy sitting down at UCHealth Training Center!

Could it be any better?

Everything continues to turn up orange and blue, and I must say, it feels good.

But … just maybe, is there a chance we’re getting a little too confident? Is there a chance we’re getting a little too ahead of ourselves?

Of course. We may want to write the Broncos in as defending champions with a Sharpie, but there’s a long season ahead of us; we’ve only played three games.

Yes, the defense is very good and the offense looks better and the Broncos have decleated several good teams, but there are plenty of challenges remaining.

The Broncos should be Super Bowl favorites, but they could fall short if any of these roadblocks get in their way.

Atlas (655x81)The quarterback

Don’t fool yourself. The Broncos still have major question marks at quarterback; one game doesn’t change that.

Yes, Trevor Siemian had a fantastic second half on Sunday, but we’d be remiss to completely ignore his frighteningly erratic first half. He may have finished with two touchdowns and no interceptions, but that’s only because the Bengals defense dropped several sure-fire picks and aided the Broncos offense down the field with a handful of defensive penalties.

Honestly, had Siemian not scored on that final drive of the second quarter, I thought there was a chance Gary Kubiak would pull the trigger and put Paxton Lynch in the game.

Of course, Siemian did score on that drive, he did come out in the second half and he did light the Bengals defense on fire with a much-improved performance, but that’s not evidence enough to me that Siemian is “the answer.”

I’m rooting for the kid, but I’m still skeptical. If he regresses, the highs of Week 3 may be the best we see all year.