With only three games left to play, the Colorado Rockies hold a one-game lead over the Los Angeles Dodgers in the NL West and a similar lead over the St. Louis Cardinals in the wild-card race after the most one-sided sweep in their history – a four-gamer over the Philadelphia Phillies that saw the Rockies outscore the Phils by a whopping 32 runs.

Host Shawn Drotar (Host, “Mornings at 5280′“) and guest Doug Ottewill (Editor-in-Chief, Mile High Sports Magazine) take a look at the Rockies’ seven-game winning streak and wonder if it will have to reach 10 in order for the Rockies to claim the first division title in their history.

Between outfielder David Dahl’s four homers in four consecutive games, to shortstop Trevor Story’s 470-foot bomb in the series finale, to German Marquez’s 70-to-7 strikeout-to-walk ration in his last seven starts, the Rockies are rolling – and their best pitcher, Kyle Freeland, will start the first game of the decisive home series.

What do the Rockies need to do to ensure a series win – and what would a division title mean to the franchise as a whole? Shawn and Doug discuss all of these topics and more in the latest episode of the “Blake Street Irregulars”!

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