Danilo Gallinari’s younger brother Federico has dreams of playing in the NBA just as his older brother does now with the Denver Nuggets.

The younger Gallinari is still only 17 years old and not yet eligible for the draft. He would need to play a year in Europe or play for a year in college stateside before entering the draft.

Danilo’s younger brother seems to be leaning towards playing college basketball in the States for the 2016-17 season and that may happen right here in Colorado as the 6-foot-5 guard alluded to SNY.tv, “Yea, I have one year of school in Italy then I will come to the USA for college, I just talked just talked with Colorado University and [UC-Colorado Springs].”

Federico flew over from Italy to attend the NBPA Top 100 camp, which shows off some of the best young basketball talent.

He talked about the camp and what it means to have a brother in the NBA saying, “This camp is fantastic, for me it’s the best camp in the world because I can play with the top 10, the top 100 hundred in guys in the USA….It’s a great thing because I have a brother that plays the sport I love, that we love, and I can ask him questions and watch his games so it could be a great thing,”

The Gallinaris are truly turning basketball into a family tradition. Their father, Vittorio, also played professionally (though not in the NBA). Danilo and Vittorio sat down with Mile High Sports Magazine for the June Fathers Tribute issue to talk about the family bond over basketball.

With time on his hands, the younger Gallinari is in no rush to make a rash decision on his future dreams of playing basketball. A future that his older brother is living out now, and will try to show him the way towards success.

Andiamo Gallinari!

Sammy Mugharbil, a Mile High Sports intern and student at MSU-Denver contributed to this report