Former first-round pick Garett Bolles returns to Denver Broncos mini-camp as the starter at left tackle and for good reason.

Even in a penalty-filled rookie season, Bolles showed strength, promise and potential at the tackle spot for Denver. With even a little growth this year, it should keep him an NFL starter for quite some time.

But mistakes were made, no doubt. And Bolles recognizes that, saying that it’s his goal in the offseason to stay sharp while being more consistent with his play in year two.

In an interview with Eric Goodman of Mile High Sports AM 1340 | FM 104.7, Bolles also spoke about the rumors of him playing right tackle and switching away from left tackle in the offseason; something that was simply speculation.

“It bothered me, I’m not going to lie,” Bolles said of the speculation. “I knew it was just people and people’s assumptions. Having coach (Chris) Strausser, I knew exactly where I was going to be. I wasn’t hesitant. I just knew that, that was my home, they drafted me here for a reason.”

Bolles showed some flashes of brilliance during his rookie campaign, but understands, too, the Broncos must have consistency from one of the most important positions along the offensive line.

“They want me to be consistent, they want me to stay consistent,” Bolles explained. “I’m just very confident, I’m very grateful for the opportunity that they continue to still believe in me. I’m going to show them the reason why they drafted me.”

Blocking for what seemed like a different quarterback every week is not an easy task. The unexplainable chemistry between an offensive line and knowing where the quarterback will be can’t be understated.

When asked how much easier it is to block for a single quarterback and knowing who ‘the guy’ is, Bolles responded this way.

“It’s a lot different,” he said. “I know exactly where Case is going to set up. No. 4, (Case Keenum) he’s a stud. He’s the person we wanted. He’s the person we’re going to ride around.”

Click here to listen to the full interview with Garett Bolles, including what he had to say about Keenum’s leadership, cutting down on penalties and more, or listen to the podcast below.

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