In sports, there’s nothing worse than being robbed of a great play. Whether it’s a buzzer-beating shot coming after the buzzer, a spectacular catch made with one toe out of bounds or a rocket shot straight into an outfielder’s glove, it’s one of the most demoralizing moments in sports.

Last night, the San Francisco Giants’ Brandon Belt was robbed.

Yes, he had three hits on the night and his team throttled the Rockies 12-3, but he could have had four, and that’s what matters.

There aren’t many second baseman who can make that play, probably because there aren’t many second baseman who look like D.J. LeMahieu — 6-foot-5. Unlike the rest of us, though, Belt wasn’t impressed with LeMahieu’s range.

“I hate him,” Belt said postgame, via Andrew Baggarly. “A 6-foot-5 second baseman playing in shallow right field … he does it to me all the time. I mean, he’s a friend of mine. I know him. He’s a nice guy. I still want to punch him in the face.”

Somehow, that may be one of the best compliments LeMahieu has ever received.