It’s been quite a season so far for the Colorado Rockies. A campaign that started with playoff hopes has since evolved into a postseason-or-bust mindset. On pace for the best season in franchise history, Colorado has launched itself into a position to snap the club lengthy postseason drought; however, in order to snap that skid, the Rockies will need to make some moves to bolster the team – specifically the pitching staff.

Colorado started the season hot out of the gate, and have not looked back since. Their franchise-best start had them penciled in as the best team in the National League for a big chunk of the season thus far, but the competition within the division mixed with Colorado’s youth has them in a compromising position.

Don’t get me wrong, the Rockies have the talent and potential to secure a spot in this season’s big dance, but if they want to increase their odds, they need to buy at the trade deadline.

A major reason the Rockies have succeeded this season has been due to their young starting pitching. Rookies Antonio Senzatela, Kyle Freeland, Jeff Hoffman and German Marquez were lockdown arms early on, which helped carry Colorado, but have sputtered a bit since, which is a cause for concern.

In addition, Colorado’s revamped bullpen featuring Mike Dunn, Greg Holland, Adam Ottavino, and Jake McGee was solid to start the season, but like the starters, have seemed to hit a wall midway through the year.

In May, Colorado’s pitching staff was the seventh-best in baseball with a cumulative ERA of 3.91; however, since then, the Rockies arms have been taxed, which has resulted in a severe spike in ERA and a drop in the rankings. In June, Colorado’s combined ERA jumped to 5.13 which is only 22nd in the game.

The current trend the Rockies pitchers are on is not going to make the team’s goal of making the postseason any easier. It’s clear that the Rockies need some help, and there are a few arms on one club within the division that could do just that.

Johnny Cueto of the San Francisco Giants is a sharp, proven arm that can pitch in any scenario, something that would bode extremely well with Colorado. Although he has $84 million remaining on his contract, Cueto is expected to opt out of his deal, which could incline San Francisco to flip the 31-year-old to get some return on their investment.

Cueto makes a lot of sense for the Rockies. He’s thrived in both the American and National Leagues, has won a World Series, and has solid numbers while pitching at Coors Field. In seven games started in the Mile High City, Cueto has an ERA of 3.43 and four Ws to his name.

Cueto is a proven commodity that would be a big addition to Colorado’s staff. As present, the Rockies have the youngest rotation in the National League, with Tyler Chatwood being the oldest of the arms at age 27. Colorado needs the experience to bolster their youthful rotation, and Cueto could be that guy.

Cueto is just one of the potential arms the Rockies can go after come trade time, but one thing is clear, they need to add an arm or two for their playoff push.

While the rotation certainly needs help, the bullpen needs the most attention.

The Rockies have had trouble in recent time bridging the gap from their starters to MLB saves leader Greg Holland. While the bullpen has been solid in spurts, consistency will be key moving forward for Colorado. Luckily for the Rockies, they won’t have to look too far if they want to make a power move.

The Giants signed marquee reliever Mark Melancon to a four-year, $62 million dollar contract this past offseason. The deal, at the time, was a power move by the Giants in their pursuit for another World Series; however, it now seems like it’s the beginning of the end of the Giants reign of prominence. With a winning percentage south of .350, the Giants are among the worst teams in the National League this season, which could mean they will be open for business.

Melancon, 32, would be a huge addition to the Rockies bullpen. Regarded as one of the best closers in the game, Melancon next to Holland would give the Rockies the lethal 1-2 punch out of the bullpen they need to take their bullpen to a postseason level.

Colorado has a lot of good things going for them this season. Their hitting is on point per usual. They’re one of the best defensive teams in the game. The pitching staff has the future of the franchise brimming with optimism. But for now, the Rockies need to strengthen their staff in order to make a real run at the postseason.