The Glendale Raptors are continuing their hot streak, as they defeated the Austin Huns for a second time this season by a score of 45-15 on April 15. Head coach Dave Williams is off to a perfect 9-0 start in his first season at the helm, but he credits his coaching staff as a large reason why.

Williams had nothing but good things to say about assistant coach Kieran Browner while on The Best of Mile High Sports Radio. The two seem to work well together, and it can be seen in their dominant performances each and every game.

“He’s been great for me,” said Williams. “It’s great because we see the game in the same set of eyes.”

Like any great coaching relationship, the two know how each other works, and are always giving each other their opinions on what they think could be done better. Browner knows he can give his two cents, but when Williams wants something done, he’s just the man for the job.

“He brings up some points that I haven’t thought of and vice versa, and sometimes I say to him, ‘Look I want this, or I want it done’ and he’s like ‘Yep, perfect.’ We work really well together in that regard, but we’re not butting heads,” said Williams.

Williams, Browner and the Raptors’ players will look to stay undefeated as they will travel to Salt Lake City to take on Rugby Utah April 29.

Listen to the full interview with Dave Williams, including his thoughts on the team’s leadership, in the broadcast below.

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