The Glendale Raptors are getting some much-needed rest following a close win over the BYU Cougars 41-39 on March 25. Head coach Dave Williams joined Mile High Sports to discuss the tough win, as well as how they’ve stayed active during their bye week.

Williams wasn’t particularly happy with his team’s performance, but felt they did a good job of pulling it out in wet and sloppy conditions. They struggled in the second half, and even found themselves trailing at one point, which was a first for the season.

“We definitely had a bit of a lapse in the second half.” said Williams, “Well really for us, cause it was wet and cold that day, it was all about possession and territory. It showed when we went to the tape that once we controlled those two items, then we were great.”

Despite finding themselves down, Williams didn’t look at it as a bad thing. He learned his players could fight back, and felt they played with some heart as well.

“You learn more from your players when you’re down then if you do if you’re winning by 20, 30 points.” said Williams, “It’s really good to see what leadership skills the players have and how they project that to the other players.”

With their next game not coming until April 15 against the Austin Huns, Williams doesn’t want his players to get complacent. They had played the Cougars previously this year, and beat them soundly, but the second time wasn’t as easy. They have already easily beaten the Huns this season, and Williams doesn’t want it to come down to the wire like their second matchup with BYU.

“They know what we’re about, and also we know a little bit more about what they’re about.” said Williams, “For us, we know we can beat these teams. We’ve done it, and we’ve done it soundly before.”

To switch things up for the bye week, the Raptors trained a bit different. What better way to stay in shape then a grueling workout at Red Rocks?

“It’s good to get a bit of a refresh. Get away from our training environment in Glendale. Get outside in the fresh air, get the boys a bit of a refresh mentally.”

Listen to the full interview with Dave Williams, including his thoughts on the Raptors’ lower-level teams, in the podcast below.

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