Glendale Raptors coach Mark Bullock worried his team might struggle with set pieces after sloppy execution in a scrimmage against Denver Black Ice Rugby – worried so much, some of the set-piece plays didn’t even make it into the game plan because of it.

That’s what made his team’s offensive onslaught on Saturday that much more impressive.

Budding-star and player of the match Kelly Mullen scored a trio of tries, Joanna Kitlinski added two others, and the Raptors resuscitated their play out of the set piece as they beat the San Diego Surfers 58-22 in their first WPL game since winning the national championship last fall, and their first game inside Infinity Park stadium.

The result also helped extend a 10-month winning streak as well as keep intact an unbeaten record under Bullock.

So … what was all the fuss about again?

“Getting good play out of our set pieces was really important for us, especially after it looked to be in shambles in our scrimmage,” Bullock said. “It really helped our attack. I was pleased.”

If you like the Raptors more than the Surfers, you had no reason to be anything but pleased.

Tied at 7 in the opening minutes, the Raptors (1-0) went on to outscore the Surfers 39-5 to take a 46-7 lead by the 55th minute.

Off a restart, Mullen squeezed through a small hole to give Glendale a 12-7 lead, and later, she showed off her see-you-later speed with a run down the sideline to push the lead to 22-7 in the 30th minute.

Jeanna Beard, Sarah Chabot, Laura Miller, Rebekah Knappe and Christen Suda also scored in the meat of the run. Kitlinski, in the meantime, added a late goal to go with her opening score.

“I thought we had good play from our backs and forwards,” Bullock said. “The passing and catching, protecting the ball, they played well together.”

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