Today is Joe Sakic’s 46th birthday and to commemorate we thought it best to relive what many Avalanche fans believe to be one of the greatest sequences in hockey history. Sure, Super Joe had many classic moments over the years, but our favorites was when he “scored a goal and then he beat up Doug Gilmour.”

Gilmour first initiated the exchange by placing Sakic in a friendly headlock, but when the Chicago captain did not release Sakic after a while, the situation escalated. Sakic proceeded to shove Gilmour and then deliver a few combo punches Gilmour’s way.

In one of the legendary calls of all time, Mike Haynes described the scene perfectly as the captain of the Avalanche delivered multiple blows to Gilmour. Haynes then offered Gilmour a post-fight snack to drive the call home and seal the moment in history.

Happy Birthday Mr. Sakic! Hope this video brings you great joy today, the same way it has brought smiles to the faces of Avalanche fans for 16 years.