If healthy, Tony Romo is the possible solution for Broncos’ broken offense


The rumor mill continues to spin, as talks of Tony Romo heading north to play for the Denver Broncos becomes more real with every day. Longtime Dallas sportscaster Dale Hansen joined Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro during Afternoon Drive on Mile High Sports Radio to discuss the possibility of Romo being the starting quarterback of the Broncos in 2017.

“If I was John Elway, I would be looking at Tony Romo really hard because I think he can still absolutely play at a high level,” said Hansen. “The only real question is can he take a hit anymore?”

Romo has missed the past two NFL season due to injury, which eventually lead to him loosing his starting spot with the Dallas Cowboys to Dak Prescott.

“If you look at the hits that knocked him out in 2015 and 2016, by football standards, I didn’t think they we’re much of a hit,” said Hansen. “I’m not saying it doesn’t hurt when a 320-pound-guy knocks you down and lands on you. I’ve seen worse hits, and players get up and for whatever reason, over the last couple of years anyway, Romo hasn’t been able to get back up.”

Although Romo appears to be a fragile player, he still is a very talented. With two young quarterbacks residing in Denver, Hansen thinks Romo can serve as a bridge until the likes of Trevor Siemian or Paxton Lynch can fully develop.

“I think he’s got a couple of years, if he can stay healthy,” said Hansen

Listen to the full interview with Dale Hansen, as well as his thoughts on Romo’s ability to perform in the playoffs, in the podcast below.

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