The History Colorado Center has been an established museum that acquires and showcases artifacts and time periods from all facets of history and this time they turn their focus to baseball — with a focus on Colorado baseball.

This time, History Colorado Center has somehow gotten the majority of the Marshall Fogel’s private baseball collection — a collection that rivals the baseball hall of fame — and are putting together what they call the ‘Play Ball! A celebration of America’s game’ exhibition displaying his memorabilia.

Here is their full explanation of the ‘Play Ball!’ experience.

“Treasured memorabilia and iconic photographs bring the past to life through stories that begin on the ball field and echo through American history,” History Colorado Center’s website explains. “Size up your hand against Babe Ruth’s. Find the nails Ty Cobb used to hold his favorite bat together, and admire the glove flashed by Willie Mays to make some of the game’s most memorable catches. See the uniform Joe DiMaggio wore in his final World Series and a receipt for roses he sent to Marilyn Monroe. And much, much more—these are just a few of the one-of-a-kind items on view in Play Ball!”

The exhibit is planned throughout the 2018 MLB season and is located on 12th and Broadway in downtown Denver. It costs $12 for adults and $10 for students while children under six-years-old are free.

For a sports town that is dominated by the Denver Broncos, it is satisfying to see a local historical establishment go out of its way to include the history of baseball in Colorado as a part of their historical priority.