This is the weekend when fall officially puts summer in the rearview mirror, embracing winter as its next of kin. Kiddos will be running around the neighborhood, dressed as ghosts and goblins in pursuit of candy. October will give way to November, meaning Thanksgiving and Black Friday are less than a month away. And that pesky foe of sleep known as Daylight Saving will arrive, throwing everyone’s schedule off by an hour.

It’s also the time of year when sports is at its peak. The NFL and college football move into the parts of their seasons when games take on added meaning. The World Series closes out another Major League Baseball season. And the NBA and NHL are underway, with both leagues regular seasons finally started.

That means the action on the local sports front will be at a fever pitch, as well. And in the process, plenty of big-name players and coaches will be under pressure. Given what’s on the horizon, some will be feeling the heat more than others. But none more so than these three well-known figures: