The Denver Broncos made one of their biggest moves of the past several years Monday when they decided to trade Von Miller to the Los Angeles Rams. How did such a seismic move affect the locker room?

Teddy Bridgewater did an excellent job of highlighting the difference between the standard business of moving your average player, and moving someone like Von Miller, as a result of the sentimental relationship between himself and the fans.

“That’s the business side of it,” Bridgewater told the media Wednesday. “I’ve been traded and I know how everything works. [In] the locker room, you never want to see or say goodbye to not only a teammate but a brother, but that’s the business side of it. We trust that George [Paton] and Coach [Vic Fangio] are doing the best they can to put together this roster and build this roster in a certain way. We’ve got some guys who made some plays Sunday, but the thing is, Von is going to be a Bronco forever. His legacy will live forever. I texted him and I told him, ‘Hey man, you’ll always be No. 58 in the Broncos fan base’s eyes, and you’ll be No. 1 in [Von Miller’s son] Valor’s eyes.’ I’m excited for him and the journey that’s in front of him, and the opportunity that’s in front of him.”

Justin Simmons, who has spent his entire NFL career with Von Miller, broke down how the move was affecting him personally.

“It hurt just because you build a relationship with a guy for the past six years,” Simmons said on Wendesday. “He’s helped me so much in just my own personal growth. Not even just in football, but just in life—just having conversations with him, going over his house all the time. He’s like a brother and it’s tough. It was a surreal and bittersweet moment. You break a four-game losing streak and get a big win at home. You’re celebrating that, and then the next morning you wake up and you hear the news. It was just tough. It quickly reminds you that it’s a business that we’re a part of, and sometimes those things happen. As far as Von, everyone here knows [he’s a] future Hall of Famer and Ring of Famer. In my eyes when I got here, he’s just the epitome of what it means to be a Denver Bronco. I have nothing but the utmost respect for him and I’m still excited. It’s not like he retired or anything. I’m still excited for him and what he can do. Unfortunately, it’s not going to be with us, but I’m excited for him.”

Here’s to Miller achieving great things in Los Angeles with his new team, and one day, hopefully returning back home.