How many sacks will Miller and Chubb finish with in 2018?

Bradley Chubb: Credit: Ronnie Kohrt, Mile High Spots. Bradley Chubb carries off padding after day six of training camp. August 3rd, 2018.

The Denver Broncos got a gift at No. 5 overall when the best collegiate pass rusher in the 2018 NFL Draft, Bradley Chubb, fell to them last April.

Now Denver is hoping another team’s mistake, turns into their treasure as Chubb teams up with former Super Bowl MVP Von Miller to make waves in the AFC.

But how much production can Denver expect from Miller and Chubb? According to Los Angeles Rams running back Todd Gurley — who took to Twitter to answer the question on the NFL’s Instagram page — the duo is going to reach 40 sacks.

What would be an absurd output between the two, 40 sacks by the duo would mean at least one of them reaches 20 in 2018 — if not both. The NFL single season sack record by the way is 22.5 set by Michael Strahan from the 2001 season.

The Mile High Sports team was asked how many sacks Miller and Chubb will finish with in 2018, here’s what they had to say…

Les Shapiro – Co-Host of Afternoon Drive with Goodman and Shapiro. Weekdays 4-6pm

They’ll garner a combined 23 sacks and Miller will have 16 of those. As Vance Joseph notes, Miller’s pass rush is “wrecking” practice at times. As for the rookie, let’s remember Chubb is exactly that, plus, he’ll be rotating with Shane Ray and Shaq Barrett and because of this, double digit sacks for Chubb seems a tad too ambitious. Miller will have another Pro Bowl season. Chubb will have a nice rookie season.

Ronnie K – Producer of Afternoon Drive with Goodman and Shapiro. Weekdays 4-6pm

I envision the duo combining for 24 1/2 sacks. The natural talent of the two gives Denver the luxury of having more options who will win one-on-one battles when coming after the quarterback than the opposition can block. Double-teams and chips will be in effect early against Miller, as he is the proven impact player. This should give Chubb plenty of opportunities one-on-one early in the season to rack up a high early sack total.

This also frees up an interior to win opportunities up the middle as so much dedicated help will be to the outside, so look out for Shelby Harris and Derek Wolfe pushing up the middle to make an impact.

Also to note, the improved offense will lead to late-game forced passing situations for the opposition. Something that seemingly never happened last year. Look for pinned back ears late in the game for Denver as their pass rush will be coming hard late when having the lead.

Coach – Co-Host of Absolutely Sports. Saturdays 8-10am.

Miller and Chubb will combine for 23 1/2.

Joe Rico – Co-Host of The Final Word. Sunday’s 10a-Noon.

A combined 21.5 sacks with Miller nabbing 13, and Chubb securing 8.5. If the Broncos are leading more in games now with an improved offense, this number could be even higher. Denver should be in many close games this year and because of that, teams will try to stay balanced to neutralize the Miller / Chubb combo.

Rich Kurtzman – Editor at Mile High Sports

Together, Von and Chubb will have 22.5 sacks. Miller will have yet another monster season, downing quarterbacks for 15.0 sacks. What makes him so deadly is his versatility, able to power rush, stunt, or his deadly speed rush to leave offensive tackles in his dust.

Chubb will find some success with 7.5 sacks, which is great production for a rookie. Chubb will get most of those sacks earlier in the year and hit a wall, like most rookies do, but it’ll set him up for double-digit sack seasons for years to come.