Denver International Airport has a new voice welcoming travelers to the Mile High City, Broncos Head Coach Vance Joseph.

The airport posted this clip to YouTube on Monday, which features the new head coach touting Denver’s three world championships and sharing his excitement for the new season.

The message is piped in to DIA trains taking arriving passengers from the concourses to the main terminal.

It’s a fine message, but with so many big and boisterous personalities on the Denver Broncos we think the team and DIA could spice up their welcome messages a little.

Here are a few suggestions the team at MHS came up with…

Aqib Talib

“This is Aqib Talib of the three-time world champion Denver Broncos. We’re glad you landed safely in Denver, however, if you’re an opposing quarterback there will be no departing flights. You’ve entered the ‘No Fly Zone.'”

Trevor Siemian

“This is Trevor Siemian, quarterback of the Denver Broncos. Welcome to Colorado. We’re no longer the home of Jolly Rancher hard candies, but may I interest you in some Skittles? I have a ski parka full of them.”

Von Miller

“Welcome to Denver. This is Von Miller, five-time Pro Bowler and Super Bowl 50 MVP for the Denver Broncos. Remember to take your belongings before exiting the train. Also, if you see a football rolling around, it’s probably because I knocked it out of Cam Netwon’s hands.”

Emmanuel Sanders

“This is Emmanuel Sanders, wide receiver for the Super Bowl 50 champion Denver Broncos. You may remember me from my time with the Pittsburgh Steelers, and if you’re headed back to Pittsburgh, I’m sorry.”

Derek Wolfe

“Welcome to the Mile High City. This is Derek Wolfe of the Denver Broncos. Please keep close watch if you’re traveling with small children, and make sure they don’t belong to an opposing quarterback. I have in the past threatened to eat them.”