After sitting out for two months mending a fractured hand, Colorado outfielder/first baseman Ian Desmond took the field in Denver for the first time in his Rockies career on Friday against the Diamondbacks. Throughout his first week back in action, Desmond made some noise in a purple uniform.

“I’m excited to be back out there playing,” Desmond said. “I’m looking forward to what will hopefully be an exciting series. Hopefully the fans come out, beautiful weather, good weekend, good matchup. We’re going to need their support.”

Desmond, of course, returned to the Rockies lineup in Arizona, where he had a bit of a lackluster day offensively. Since then, however, he’s been producing well for the Rockies in his first four games outside the state; in 23 at-bats, he’s contributed seven hits, five runs, two home runs (in a single game) and three RBIs. That’s good enough for a .304 average at the plate.

Coors Field, of course, prides itself in being a major hitter’s park, but Desmond said that as long as he has a bat in his hands, he can produce anywhere, anytime.

“If I hit the ball on the barrel, any park’s a hitter’s park. I don’t really care where I play, I’m just trying to get good pitches to hit, put the barrel on the ball and try to get competitive at-bats,” Desmond said. “I’m excited to get back here and play against the Diamondbacks, and try to win another series.”

Even before he returned from the injury, the Rockies had been rolling without him with a 16-9 record. Desmond’s return should only strengthen them.

“It’s part of the game,” he said. “We’ve been playing great, the team’s been playing great. It’s an exciting new chapter here in Colorado, I’m glad to be part of it. Even though you’re not going to be playing on the field, there’s tons of things you can do to help out. I feel like I was still contributing, and that’s what it’s all about.”

With Desmond back, of course, the Rockies are faced with the dilemma of who to put at first. Mark Reynolds, who’s been filling in for him at first, has been arguably the best player for the Rockies thus far this season–at the plate and at the bag. As with several positions this season, however, that speaks the versatility of the roster.

“That’s what good teams do,” Desmond said. “Good teams rely not only on the 25-man roster, but the 40-man roster. The depth, that’s a good sign for this organization that there is depth available. That’s still something we haven’t tapped into, and that’s exciting.”