The tears told more than words ever could. With David Dahl writhing in pain after a wayward played turned into a worrisome injury, the Colorado Rockies revealed themselves yet again.

In a season that’s been virtually lost, the connection that’s pushed the club through all of it was readily apparent.

A lasting image from the disarray was one of Nolan Arenado consoling Dahl. The two have built a “little brother (and) big brother” relationship that is hardly shown but always felt. With a simple one-armed hug and touching of heads, the bond was on full display.

“I was worried for David,” Arenado said. “He’s my boy. I was just concerned for him, he was in some serious pain. It breaks your heart to see people hurting, especially people close to you.”

Alongside Arenado was the remainder of the Rockies’ lineup, surrounding a player that’s been dealt a fold-worthy hand in his career. First, it was a lacerated spleen on a collision in 2015. Then, Dahl’s injury list grew with a stress reaction in his rib cage, a broken foot and now an ankle sprain.

In all, he’s been forced to miss nearly two season’s worth of games in his career with eight injured list stints dating back to his time in the minors.

“He’s been having an incredible year,” Ryan McMahon said. “He obviously has a history with injuries… (I know) how frustrated he’s been with all the stupid injuries that (have) happened.”

The results have been immensely positive. Without anything holding him back, Dahl made his first All-Star appearance. A .302 average and 15 home runs in 374 at-bats have exemplified the potential of a player the Rockies have always heaped praise onto.

Now, in the midst of a career-best season, Dahl’s luck – or lack thereof – ran out again. A ball that cut back suddenly at the last moment was the cause. As he contorted his body to meet the lineout’s new plane, Dahl’s ankle refused to follow suit.

“From my angle, it looked like it went back to the left,” Bud Black said. “Just talking to him, he thought that, off the bat, when he broke it looked like he would have to lay out (to catch it).”

He was never alone though. No one on the Rockies is alone. As the first team to boast a lineup of all homegrown talent, that’s the way it was meant to be.

Trades, signings and even designations for assignment have failed to break apart the nucleus.

Dahl’s greatest companion on the team, Arenado, has been with him since his debut in 2016 – McMahon since 2017. Surrounding him on the field in his moment of need, every single player had spent multiple years with him besides Daniel Murphy and rookie, Peter Lambert.

Even before their careers in the majors, McMahon, Trevor Story and Dahl had all spent time in the Rockies’ system together.

“I think you kind of see how this team is,” McMahon said. “We all walked out there to check on David… It was tough on all of us to see.”

That connection is more than just on-field bonding.

Between golf trips, late-night food runs and playing video games together at various houses, the team has formed a true family. Throughout both the highs and franchise-worst lows, they’ve stuck together.

In the clubhouse, the conversation is constant. The typical razzing that goes on between brothers is commonplace inside the walls of the newly-renovated, pre-game sanctuary.

The hitters of the team have their own row of lockers down the far side of the room. From Yonder Alonso down to Garrett Hampson, each of them is within a short distance. On the other side, the pitchers share their row.

The two sides have created a circle, akin to that of a club that’s come full circle. A majority of the players have seen each other at their apex, but also in their time of need. Struggling in the minors – with the pressure of a high draft selection that brought them into the organization – they endured together.

With a member of that family down, the Rockies prevailed. A McMahon two-run home run and a run-scoring double from Ian Desmond – Dahl’s replacement after the injury – propelled the team to victory.

Throughout it all, their minds shared a common thought.

“I was thinking about (Dahl) the whole time,” McMahon said. “I’d be lying if I said I was easily focused back on the game.”

None of the Rockies had their full attention back on the game. But in honor of their teammate who’s battled through so much, they fought back too.