Running back C.J. Anderson, tight end Virgil Green and defensive linemen Malik Jackson met with media following Thursday’s OTA’s at Dove Valley to discuss adjusting to Gary Kubiak’s new offense, contract concerns and building the all-important team camaraderie. There have been key changes on both sides of the ball: the implementation of a fullback in the backfield and running a 3-4 defense, primarily.

Here are some quotes that stood out:

Anderson: “We’re pushing each other as a group. It starts up front, and it really starts with our coach, [Running Backs Coach] Eric Studesville. He’s pushing us every day just to make sure we’re going out there and that we’re keeping a grind—we keep pushing it and we’re keeping it going. We’re all pushing each other and we all know we have the talent and the ability to make this team go. We all feel like it doesn’t run without us. If we go out there and give it our all and give it our 100, everyone follows behind us.”

Green: “We’ve been catching a lot of passes out there—all the tight ends really. I think the way we complement each other is a lot of the plays look the same where we’re coming off the ball. If it happens to be a run, that’s what it is. If it happens to be a pass, that’s what it is. But it’s tough for defensed to hone in on things like that.”

Jackson: “So far it’s working out. [Defensive Line] Coach Bill [Kollar] is a great and he is teaching us technique and how to do it. Coach [Defensive Coordinator] Wade [Phillips] lets us go out there and play and just get up field and make plays. I’m adapting pretty well.”

Anderson: “It’s fun. Fullbacks, they’ve got one thing, they want to go after it and go get it. If they want to dump the linebacker a couple times, which is great for us, they get us in the open. Then that time when we’re back there by ourselves the linebacker has been stuffed so many times and then he has to go out there and tackle myself, Montee or [RB] Juwan [Thompson], who’s also bringing a load, too…”

Green: “We all understand how the game works. We’re going to go out there and compete. For the most part, each of us has to focus on our job and what we’re doing. We can’t too much focus on, ‘He just caught that ball’ or ‘I didn’t.’ We just focus on our job. We work well together. We’re just having fun out there.”

Jackson: “I thought last year we were pretty cohesive, too. I think this year everybody is helping each other learn plays. I know we’re talking a lot more when we’re out there. I’m reminding ‘Sly’ (NT Sylvester Williams) or talking to [DE] Derek [Wolfe] about our responsibilities…I think this year it’s just talking to each other and helping each other out, and just trying to encourage each other to get the techniques right.”

Anderson: “Easy and fun [on offense]. A lot easier to pick and I’ve got the terminology down. I’m ready to go.”

Green: “I’m very comfortable. I understand how things are supposed to be. Like I said earlier, it’s just understanding the little details about things. We have time to get those things down.”

Jackson: “I’m built for whichever scheme they put me in. I don’t want to subject myself just to one scheme. I think it’s just if you can play, you can play no matter what scheme you play in. I’m just trying to adapt and forget the things I learned three years in a row and learn the things they want us to do here.”

Anderson: “At the end of the day, I know I’m a Bronco for one more year. I’ll let everything take care of itself…That’s definitely not going up there and bothering [Executive Vice President of Football Operations/General Manager John] Elway about a contract.”

Jackson: “…Right now, it’s not about the money, which would be nice, I’m not going to lie. But right now it’s about going out here and just trying to earn it. I’ve got one more year on my contract, so for me and to sit there and be worried about a contract right now would be silly. I’ve still got to go a year…”

Mike Tolbert, a Mile High Sports intern and student at MSU-Denver, contributed to this report