The Denver Broncos are 3-0.

The combined record of the teams they’ve beaten is 1-7.

It’s an easy stat for critics of the Broncos to point to. Then again, three of those seven losses have come against Denver, so it’s not the most accurate or fair stat. Plus, everyone thought Baltimore, Kansas City and Detroit would all be contenders coming into 2015. There’s no doubt all three of those teams have playoff caliber rosters.

Still, negative people like to be negative and will never give the Broncos credit — including for who they’ve beaten so far. Peyton Manning will have none of that.

In his words, here’s The Sheriff defending Denver’s wins so far:

“Yeah, two, and we’ve beaten three playoff teams, right? Two of them on the road and knew we were playing a team who was going to come out with everything they had tonight. They were 0-2 coming into tonight, easily could have been 2-0, those two games they could have won. A team that was No. 2 ranked defense last year and playing at home for the first time, so for us to come in here and get a win, you cannot discount that.”


Never, ever apologize for wins in the NFL.