In Their Words: Gary Kubiak opens up on the Broncos’ offseason

Gary Kubiak

This offseason has been a tumultuous one for the Super Bowl 50 champs, with some big names making their exits early on in free agency. Since then, the Broncos have made an effort to rebound and negotiations continue towards a new quarterback.

With Organized Team Activities set to begin on April 18, and the quarterback situation still in doubt, Denver Broncos head coach Gary Kubiak attended the 40th annual Boy Scouts of America Sports Breakfast.

On whether he expects Von Miller and Ryan Clady to show up for OTAs

“I would expect them to. I’m expecting everybody to be there. I’m looking forward to getting started. I know there has been some talk about a couple of different things, but we’ll see when it’s time to go to work. I’m looking forward to seeing our guys again.”

On Jared Crick returning to his coaches

“We talked about it when free agency initially started. Jared is an effort player. [Defensive Line Coach] Bill [Kollar] kind of raised him in Houston. We drafted him there. We think that he stands for what we want for our football team and how he goes about his business and how he plays. He’ll be a good addition and it was good to see him yesterday. Looking forward to getting him started with the team on the 18th.”

On his discussions with Elway about 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick

“We were granted the opportunity to have that visit, and that was good and very impressive. Like I said, really our focus is on our football team right now.”

On if he thinks the team needs to add another veteran quarterback

“I feel good about the two guys that we have. We’ll see what happens. Generally you continue to move forward and try to get better. I’m going to stay focused on Mark and Trevor right now, and doing everything I can to get ready for this draft right now.”

On preparing the quarterbacks to potentially start

“You can’t talk any football with those guys. I will say this: Mark has a lot of background in our system. I think we’ll make up ground very quickly.”

On whether he is concerned with the offseason roster moves

“I think as a coach you’re concerned about the team all the time. We’ve had some guys leave, but we have a lot of good players on our football team and we’re trying to put this group together. There is always going to be change. There is always going to be things that happen from year to year. But the most important thing is that our standards stay the same. You’ve got to be patient, too. You can’t make poor decisions. You make poor decisions that can hurt you in the long haul. We’ve got a great guy running our program there. Mr. Elway does a great job. Our front office does an excellent job. We’ll keep our patience here, keep working and stay focused on the team that we do have.”

On whether Siemian has a chance to win the starting job

“Absolutely. Trevor is a young player who made up a lot of ground last year. Obviously we think a lot of him. This is going to be a big step for him. If a guy makes a big jump, he usually makes it from Year 1-2. Trevor will know what he’s doing when he walks in here in April. It will be up to him. We’ll see, but I think our football team has a lot of confidence in him. l know I do. I know he’s got the talent to do it. We’ll see what happens.”