Training camp can be a stressful time for guys who are third, fourth or even fifth on an NFL depth chart. Ask kicker Karl Schmitz, who was waived Thursday by the Denver Broncos to make room for a nose tackle. The fear that today could be your last day with the club is constant for some guys.

Tight end/fullback James Casey, running back Ronnie Hillman and wide receiver/kick returner Solomon Patton all entered camp with questions as to whether or not they would make the Broncos 53-man roster. After a week of camp, each has likely solidified his role on the team; however, any one of them could find himself one of those surprise veteran cuts that are all too common during camp.

Still, players like Casey, Hillman and Patton must go about their business until that day comes, and that business includes talking to the media. Each spoke with the media after Friday’s morning practice.

Here are some of the highlights…

James Casey: “I can play fullback and I can do some tight end stuff, too. When we’re in our base set with one fullback and one tight end, we can do multiple things where I can line up wide or at the fullback position (and) run traditional run plays. I think I’m just versatile in this offense. It always helps when you’ve been there and you’ve done that and you’re familiar with what’s going on. But at the same time, you have to go out and prove yourself every year, so that’s what I’m trying to do right now.”

Ronnie Hillman: “It’s been good competition (between the running backs). We push each other to be better and that’s how we’re going to make a great backfield.”

Solomon Patton: “Everything happens for a reason. I was definitely thankful when I got released from the (Buccaneers) that I got that phone call the next day from the Broncos. I was just thankful that I got that opportunity again.”

Casey: “(Practicing with Peyton Manning)’s been great. He’s everything that you’ve heard outside of here. He’s just obviously a great quarterback, great leader, on top of every little detail, great discipline, so it’s been fun to be around him.”

Hillman: “The depth chart really doesn’t matter right now. Right now, it’s just about getting your reps and just taking the reps that you do get. The ones that I do get, you just have to do your best and just play.”

Patton: “I feel awesome. I feel 1,000 times better catching punts. Learning from the coaches and with the things that they’re teaching me, I feel way more confident catching punts… it’s a definite job (that I want), and kickoff return. That’s why I say anything I can do to help this team, I will do whatever.”

Head coach Gary Kubiak also spoke and answered questions about both Hillman and Patton.

Gary Kubiak: “I think I’ve mentioned that obviously we know returning is a specialty of (Patton’s), but if he can go out there and make plays as a wide out, it’s going to make him even more valuable to making this football team. He’s done it a couple days in a row.

Kubiak: “I think Ronnie’s playing really good. The other day, I talked to him and I told him I thought he could practice a little better, finish a little better. He’s responded. The last two days I think have been his best days. I think the thing I’m most impressed with Ronnie on is I know that when people blitz us, I can leave him on the field. He’ll pick up a blitz. He’ll stand in there. For his size, (he) reminds me of Justin (Forsett) a little bit, who I had in Baltimore and I had in Houston. A little bit the same type of player.”