It was mostly business as usual for Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning who started his fourth training camp with the team on Friday. Following practice, Manning spoke with the media, offering his thoughts on getting his star wide receiver back and throwing on the run, among other topics.

Here are some of the highlights…

Peyton Manning: “(Demaryius Thomas) and I were going over some plays last night in the hotel room. He has been kind of studying whatever he was allowed to and whatever he could keep up with. I feel he’ll catch up. Demaryius has always been a cerebral player and he’s been in a couple of different systems in his short career already, so he knows how to adjust. I’ll think he’ll be caught up to speed pretty quickly.”

Manning: “Coach Kubiak said it last night. It’s football. There are not that many new plays out there. However you call them or whatever that is, it’s not that big of a deal. It’s about executing them. I know I’ll get the plays in and we’ll be able to kind of have the plays that everybody feels good about. We’re going to try to find out during this training camp, kind of see what receivers do certain routes well and the running plays that Montee (Ball) does best, C.J. (Anderson) does best or Ronnie (Hillman), whoever that may be, and then try to give everybody the best chance to succeed.”

Manning: “I’d never been through a training camp like last year when there were no fans. It definitely was great to see them back out there and cheering us on, especially as you get into these practices. After having some two-a-days, it’s nice to have that little encouragement or little applause if you make a good throw or make a good catch. I know that the linemen and the linebackers, these guys that are beating on each other, I know they certainly appreciate it.”

Manning: “Coach Kubiak addressed the team last night. He wants the team playing fast, playing physical and competing all the way. If you’re not competing, you’re probably not going to be around.”

Manning: “(Ty Sambrailo and Max Garcia)  are very composed guys for young players. I’ve never seen a wide-eyed look or kind of a puzzled on their face. They have kind of a little calmness about them, which I think that’s a good quality for a young offensive lineman.”

Manning: “I feel that I throw pretty well on the run, to tell you the truth. I never had as many designed roll-outs or scrambles, but I’ve sprinted out through the years. I do that in the red zone a lot—throwing on the run and sprinting out. I actually think I throw pretty well on the run for a guy that doesn’t really run well. I actually throw well on the run, maybe even better than some guys that actually run well.”

Manning: “Obviously I don’t get into the comparisons between this year and last year. But yeah, I think you learn. With coach Kubiak you learn how he wants things during minicamp and OTAs and learn how he wants things here in training camp and there will be another adjustment when he gets to in season.”