Undefeated and only getting better.

The Broncos entered Sunday night’s game as one of the least respected 6-0 teams in recent memory, and they left with all the respect in the world.

Really, Denver couldn’t have played a more perfect game. Defensively, they shut down Aaron Rodgers, the reigning MVP and all-around super quarterback, and offensively, the cogs finally clicked into gear. Peyton Manning was back to looking like the old Peyton Manning, Demaryius Thomas‘ hands were working once again and C.J. Anderson finally decided to wake up and join the team.

The Denver Broncos offense is alive and well, and here’s what the team had to say about their performance after the game:

Gary Kubiak“I don’t know, I think that we started to play better in Cleveland. We started to find a rhythm. Obviously, we did some good stuff during the bye week that helped us, as a team, understand exactly where we want to go forward. I think that we kind of played that way. I think, as a team, we just played fresh. We played fast. To me, that was the fastest that we’ve looked in a while. I think that the two weeks helped us a great deal.”

Peyton Manning: “Execution was better. We studied some things during the bye week, and I think we applied some of those things tonight. It doesn’t guarantee the rest of the season, but I thought we did focus on some things that we did well in the first six games, maybe unlearned a couple of things you weren’t doing quite as well and then added a couple things. I thought we applied the bye week. I thought we used the week well. I thought it made us better. I thought that kind of showed up tonight. Hopefully we can kind of keep that going.”

DeMarcus Ware“I talked to him [Manning] earlier before the game. Usually if it’s a big Monday night or Sunday night game, I’ll come to him like, ‘You know what? You’ve got to show up and show out on that Sunday night game.’ This was the first time he came to me and said, ‘You know what, DeMarcus? We’ve got to show up and show out this game.’ That’s what he did. He did what he needed to do and played an awesome game.”

C.J. Anderson: “It was great. Me and Ronnie [Hillman] are helping each other and using each other’s eyes and talking to each other on the sidelines. I think we’re becoming more in sync. With his play and my play, we’re becoming more in sync with the offensive line and that’s a good feeling.”

Chris Harris Jr.: “I love that. To be able to get [the defense] some rest, we got great rest today. The offense moved the ball great. Peyton looked like [QB] Peyton Manning. Even the receivers, they did great. As long as they can continue to play like that, it’s going to be tough to beat us.”

Ronnie Hillman“I just think that we just finally just clicked. We got the ball going. [QB] Peyton [Manning] threw the ball great today. We ran the ball. Offensive line did a great job blocking, and you know I think it was just the best overall performance we’ve had as a team.”

Demaryius Thomas: “We had the bye and I just wanted to come back and make sure I had a big game. I want to finish the rest of the season like that. That’s what I look forward to from here on out. I’m not going to say I’ll have a big game like that, but I will play my best and do whatever to help the team.”