Under a sweltering August sun, the Broncos got to work on their second day of training camp. Head coach Gary Kubiak and numerous players met with the media after the morning workout to talk about the day.

Here are some of the highlights, including the quote of training camp so far from Louis Vasquez…

Gary Kubiak: “It’s his Achilles. It wasn’t his knee. Unfortunately Kyle (Williams)’s had some injury issues over the past few years. I don’t want to jump ahead right here, but’s his Achilles…”

Kubiak: “What we’re trying to do is take (Chris) Clark and we want to take Michael (Schofield), move Michael over to right (tackle) and bring Clark to left (tackle). We work that way so that Clark is getting both sides, and we like what Michael has done on the right. Just because of the depth chart, we don’t want to get Michael buried on the left. We want him to able to compete on the other side also.”

Kubiak: “Jordan (Taylor) has been impressive for a young player. He’s totally different than the other guy I was talking about. He has a long body and he has a long stride. He can really run. He’s got a big catch radius. I think you guys who have been watching practice would agree that through OTAs he was an impressive player.”

Owen Daniels: “It feels like a Kubiak camp for sure. We’re kind of building up to our full length of practice and what we’ll be doing. We don’t have anything crazy happening. (We are) kind of building up our conditioning to that point and it’s been a Kub camp so far.”

Daniels: “I’m having to study more now than I have in a while, which is a good thing. It kind of keeps me fresh and alive. It keeps the juices flowing, so to speak. So learning what Peyton has done here in the past and making sure that I’m on point there is something that I’ve stayed in the books with a little more, but I like studying. I like knowing what to do and be in the right spot so that No. 18 doesn’t yell at me.”

Daniels: “I think that there are some camps out there that definitely shorten careers. I think that Kub’s camp is one that allows you to stay fresh the whole season. He’s awesome about throwing us a bone here or there to get us fresh mentally or physically. Both of those things that are very important. I don’t remember a lot of times in the past where we really dragged late in the season.”

Cody Latimer: “I’ve been getting a lot of reps with the ones, like you said, with a limited DT. But he’s been out there helping me individually and telling me things like to not raise your pads. He’s helping me with the little things and we’re all helping him try to catch up to the offense. It’s going well.”

Brandon Marshall: “…instead of just throwing me right in, which wouldn’t be the smart thing to do, they want to ease me back in to make sure that I can build my tolerance with my foot and my body to make sure that everything is good. I might be about a week away, or two weeks.”

Shane Ray: “We have been kind of holding off on each other just a little bit, but we’re still kind of going at full speed. With the pads, everything intensifies.”

Demaryius Thomas: “There are a lot of big plays to be made in the offense. Everybody’s going to be trying to stop the run game, and there’s going to be a lot of plays to be made deep. My main thing is getting down the offense and being able to get out here with the guys and practice, because I’m not in the best shape and I also don’t really know the whole offense yet.”

Thomas: “I haven’t played ball in high altitude in a while, so we’re going to ease into it so I don’t get any injuries and be ready to go when I’m in better shape.”

Thomas: “I haven’t really played in an offense like this. I’ve watched a couple films on Andre Johnson and stuff like that. There are balls to be caught for everybody. We’ll be fine.”

Danny Trevathan: “Brandon (Marshall) and I came in here with the right mindset. We stayed here in the offseason and just worked our tails off. A lot of people had doubts about us and what we could do because of our injuries.”

Louis Vasquez: “I don’t even listen to outside noise. My job is to get myself and the rest of the line ready to play. My mentality is by the end of the fourth quarter, we want to feel your soul wilt in our hands. So I’m trying to instill that in the offensive line because it’s dirty work. You might as well get nasty with it. That’s what I’m trying to instill in the young guys.”