Investigation into CSU basketball in 2013-14 almost cost Larry Eustachy his job


On Wednesday, the Coloradoan published an exposé, highlighting an investigation into the conduct of Colorado State men’s basketball coach Larry Eustachy during the 2013-14 season, which found that the coach had emotional outbursts, which saw him, amongst other things, punch and break a dry erase board and throw soda cans. It also found that he used “profane and/ derogatory language” towards players and assistant coaches.

Eustachy admitted to much of the behavior, apologizing profusely. CSU placed him onto corrective action, requiring that he attend anger-management classes and instituting a zero-tolerance policy for much of the behavior outlined. Still, the consequences could have been much more severe.

“I believed Eustachy should be terminated and believed we had the basis to terminate for cause,” Jack Graham, CSU’s athletic director at the time, told the Coloradoan. “I was advised by [president] Tony Frank that we did not have the basis to terminate for cause and that Eustachy was to be placed on a personal improvement plan.”

According to Eustachy, the review and corrective action he was placed on had a positive impact on him.

“The program review that took place three years ago made me a better husband, father and coach and allowed me to reflect on the kind of man I wanted to be,” Eustachy said. “I’m extremely proud to be Colorado State’s head basketball coach and appreciate all those who have stood by me over the years, particularly my family, our players, fans and the CSU administration.”

A kinder, gentler Eustachy has emerged since that time, according to Rich Kurtzman, who has covered the team since 2010, years before Eustachy’s arrival.

To get more in-depth coverage of the investigation, please read the Coloradoan’s story, which can be found here.