Denver residents released a collective exasperated sigh when Jason Cole of Bleacher Report reported that the deal between the Denver Broncos and the San Francisco 49ers for Colin Kaepernick wouldn’t happen.

On Monday, San Francisco 49ers beat reporter Matt Barrows, joined Gil Whiteley to discuss the obstacles that confront all parties involved in the, supposedly failed, deal.

John Elway is like Donald Trump,” Barrows said. “The 49ers are going to build this wall and they’re going to pay for it. He seems to be throwing his weight around on this issue right now.”

Though Elway is approaching negotiations aggressively, his opponent, the 49ers organization, is definitely frustrating. Barrows said that he hasn’t trusted anything that the 49ers organization has said in years.

“I think their motto is ‘Thank God for Cleveland!’ because it saves them from being the most confused franchise in the NFL.”

A disorganized opponent, negotiating from a weak position could allow Elway to pull off another preseason miracle in getting a bargain out of the Kaepernick deal. The news that the deal was off could either be yet another negotiating technique or it could be for real.

“I think this is all about trying to wrestle some of the leverage back from the Broncos,” Barrows said. “Trying to make them feel a little apprehensive that if Kaepernick spends lots of time with Chip Kelly then maybe he starts to warm to Chip Kelly and all of a sudden the Broncos don’t have Kaepernick as an option.”

Whether it’s strategy or technique, the 49ers are behaving in unpredictable ways but both Barrows and Whiteley said that in the end Elway would get his way.

Listen to the full discussion in the podcast below…

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