Rumors have swirled surrounding the Denver Broncos continuity following their latest loss to the Minnesota Vikings.

CBS Sports writer Jason La Canfora penned an article that dubbed a disconnect between rookie head coach Vic Fangio and his players prior to the Broncos game versus the Vikings.

La Canfora opened his piece, saying:

“Broncos coach Vic Fangio has been having a difficult time connecting with players and coaches in his first season in Denver, with his often gruff demeanor rubbing many the wrong way and creating internal tension within the team, according to multiple sources with knowledge of the situation.”

La Canfora continues by saying that there is “plenty of internal strife” surrounding the team with their 3-7 record and adds that receiver Emmanuel Sanders was traded in part because of the disconnect between Fangio and the team.

The story continues to detail reported frustration brewing within the Broncos locker room on both sides of the ball.

Rumors about a disconnect between Fangio and the players have floated around since the start of the season, with the CBS story being the first article to detail the reported frustration.

That said, Broncos players have been quick to the defense of Fangio, including cornerback Chris Harris Jr. and star pass rusher Von Miller.

“That report is bullsh*t,” Harris said Sunday. “Nobody has any issues with Fangio.”

After Miller sputtered to start the season, rumors ensued about beef between No. 58 and Fangio; however, Miller downplayed the situation.

“I like to think that me and coach Vic get along great,” Miller said back in October. “I feel like the type of energy that he sends toward me is different than all the energy that he sends to everybody else. I feel like we have just that connection. When it comes to ball and me being a better football player and him seeing the best out of me, I know that’s a fact.”

Additionally, Broncos President of Football Operations and General Manager John Elway addressed the story on KOA News Radio.

“A, number one is, these unnamed sources, I don’t like,” Elway said. “So that, number one, is if you’re going to take some information that you get removed second or third hand, I think is not a good thing for somebody that’s reporting the story, to me. I think that’s really BS and then the next thing is, you know what, I’m really happy with what Vic’s done, the way he is. He’s tough on these guys, but I think everybody is starting to understand what it is.

“I would just say from being inside this building that I know what Vic’s doing and what his staff’s doing, and they’re on the same page, and I think we’re continuing to work at this. But I couldn’t be happier with what Vic’s doing and what he’s done this year.”

Nevertheless, while players have had Fangio’s back, rumors about Fangio’s relationship with the entire team have continued to pile on as the season has progressed.

There is obviously frustration brewing within the Broncos’ locker room given their poor record, but the status of Fangio’s overall relationship with the team and coaches remains in question.

Eric Goodman and Les Shapiro of Mile High Sports Radio’s Afternoon Drive program discussed the CBS report and the state of the Broncos with Fangio running the show.

Listen to the full segment here.

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