It’s no secret that some sports stars walk the line between successful professional athletics and violent, even criminal behavior. A quick internet search for your favorite league’s name followed by the word “arrests” will reveal plenty. But for Rockies All-Star third baseman Nolan Arenado, it’s not about the “thug life.”

Arenado prefers “A Bug’s Life,” apparently. As in, the Disney/Pixar movie.

Charlie Blackmon spilled the beans on Instagram about his teammate Monday, just moments after Arenado was named the NL Player of the Week for July 17-23.

According to Blackmon’s post, Arenado paid $9.00 on Sunday night to watch the animated film in the team hotel after the Rockies arrived in St. Louis. Arenado greeted Blackmon with a big thumbs up from the Busch Stadium cafeteria in the photo that accompanied the news.

“A Bug’s Life” was released in theaters Nov. 25, 1998, when Arenado was just 7 years old.

It is the story of a plucky ant trying to save his colony from a group of greedy grasshoppers, based on Aesop’s fable “The Ant and the Grasshopper.”

The film grossed over $162 million in the United States.

Due a contract extension in the very near future, the four-time Gold Glove winner, two-time Silver Slugger and three-time All-Star’s price tag may eclipse that figure.

Very soon, Arenado may be able to buy everyone in the hotel a screening of “A Bug’s Life” and not have to think twice. Now, that’s a move that certainly wouldn’t be considered “thuggish” in any capacity.