The Denver Broncos have always been an organization of high character, which is one of the reasons the team has won three championships. For the most part, Denver has steered clear of any distractions in regards to players with serious off-the-field issues — well, minus Maurice Clarett. And it is important that the team tries to keep it that way for the sake of its image and roster.

There have been far too many links between the Broncos and Johnny Manziel for my liking lately. Reports have ranged from the Broncos meeting with Manziel, to Von Miller advocating for Denver to sign Manziel to Manziel saying in an interview with TMZ Sports that he has moved in with Miller.

Thankfully, since the interview, Miller said on Instagram that he was not living with Manziel and reports have now surfaced that Manziel is actually living with former teammate Josh Gordan.

Whatever has happened or not happened, it is time for Broncos’ brass to distinguish a clear line between themselves and the troubled quarterback. Manziel does not seem mature enough to have starred in Varsity Blues, much less be a quarterback on the world champ’s roster.

I am all for giving guys second, third and even fourth chances, but alleged domestic abuse is where I draw the line. Manziel still has not been cleared of his domestic abuse charges in connection with his ex-girlfriend and likely will face discipline by the NFL, regardless of the outcome in that case.

Pairing alleged domestic abuse with Manziel’s partying and irresponsibility just spells trouble. Putting what he did while with the Cleveland Browns aside, this is a guy who can’t even make it clear whom he lives with.

Manziel’s behavior on camera Saturday night was bizarre. He looked out of it and more confused about his life than ever before. The guy needs serious help more than he will ever need an NFL team.

Further interaction with Manziel could prove toxic for the Broncos. It is important that John Elway put out a statement ending any and all speculation involving Manziel.

Further reports regarding Manziel and the Broncos will not only prove to be a distraction in the locker room, but could have a negative impact on Miller as well.

It is noble that Miller wants to help out a former Aggie in Manziel, but Miller has had substance abuse issues himself, having been suspended the first six games of the 2013 season. It is just not in the best interest of Miller or the Broncos to try to help a kid that does not want to be helped.

Manziel had enough pure talent to get a chance in the NFL. However, his actions proved to outweigh his talents, causing the Browns, of all teams, to release him.

It’s okay to care about Manziel and his well being, but it should not fall on the Broncos to give Manziel another chance because of a college connection. End it now Elway before the non-stop train wreck comes plowing into your organization next.

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