There aren’t many people in support of the idea to bring Johnny Manziel to Denver, but apparently Jake Plummer is one of them.

When the report surfaced last week that Gary Kubiak had talked with Johnny Manziel about joining the Broncos, Plummer retweeted it, saying “I love this idea.”

As you might expect, Plummer received some pushback, but he defended his position, and Manziel, strongly.

Plummer asks the much-needed question in that first reply: “Is he really such a messed up person?”

Right now, the answer is quite possibly yes. Even still, after everything he’s been through, there are videos of Manziel partying, drinking champagne straight from the bottle, in Los Angeles. And while partying and having a good time isn’t something to get hung up about for most NFL players, it is for Manziel; he has a problem, and he’s clearly not looking to fix it any time soon.

But Plummer is correct about one thing: If there’s one organization that could turn Manziel around, it’s probably the Denver Broncos.

Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as that.

Yes, the Broncos have the organizational structure and support to help Manziel — more so than any other franchise — but this is a two-way street; if Manziel doesn’t put in the work, the sacrifice, there’s no future for him in the NFL.

Plummer, like Von Miller and Gary Kubiak, is just one more Bronco to step up in support of Johnny Football. Whether that leads to an eventual signing, we’ll have to wait and see.