After a down season offensively in 2016, a lot of emphasis has been placed on what new offensive coordinator Mike McCoy’s offense will look like in Denver during the 2017 campaign. Tight end Jeff Heuerman joined Gil Whiteley, former Broncos wideout Mark Jackson, and Arran Anderson to get an inside look at what to expect on the offensive side of the ball.

Heuerman cited how much McCoy likes to use tight ends in his sets and how much more they can be used in the new offense.

“It’s a lot. It’s a fun offense, especially for the tight ends because it lets us be football players. We’re motioning all over the place, doing a lot of fun things,” Heuerman explained. “You see some of the guys who have played in it, watching some [Los Angeles Chargers] film the past few years there’s a lot of Antonio [Gates]. It’s exciting to watch that as a tight end.”

When asked what the biggest emphasis was offensively so far, the third-year tight end immediately brought up red zone efficiency.

“We placed a lot of emphasis on red zone in the offseason program and obviously coming out here first day. That’s an area that we need to improve on and I think they brought up some statistics yesterday from 2013 where we were 75% touchdowns in the red zone so that’s something we’re aiming for,” Heuerman told the Mile High Sports crew. “We look at those statistics and see that we can get there so those are the goals we’re shooting for. We know it’s been done before and we have the capability to get there with this offense.”

The offense has plenty of time to get the new system down, but Mike McCoy’s offense is already showing signs of moving forward in 2017.

Listen to the full interview, including Heuerman revealing some of his season goals, in the podcast below.

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