Former New York Giants head coach Jim Fassel knows a thing or two about quarterbacks. He was drafted by the Chicago Bears in 1972 as a quarterback, and as a coach resurrected the career of Kerry Collins, who led the Giants to the Super Bowl in 2000. Fassel joined Gil Whiteley on Mile High Sports Radio on Wednesday to discuss what he looks for when watching a quarterback complete drills prior to the draft.

Curiously, Fassel said that mechanics and measurables weren’t on the top of his priority list when observing potential draft picks.

“I watch the guys I want to, and how they interact with other players,” Fassel said. “Do they come across as a leader, are they having fun out there, does their personality come out? I’m not going to draft a guy because he’s completed 12 out of 12 passes to a guy he’s never worked with in his life.”

Fassel elaborated that on-field observation provides limited information, as the players are so thoroughly coached by their agents that it’s difficult to get any meaningful insight into their true mechanics.

He said that he’d rather watch a guy on film for different reasons.

“I’d rather watch the guy on film, watch him make that throw because he’s working out with those guys,” Fassel said.

Listen to the full interview, including Fassel’s thoughts on leadership from the quarterback position, in the podcast below.

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