Jim Saccomano examines if John Elway can find a coach as competitive as him


After Gary Kubiak retired and said his goodbyes on Monday morning, the Denver Broncos began the hunt for a new head coach. This begs the question, will they be able to find a coach as competitive as John Elway?

Both as a player and an executive, John Elway has been a star for the Broncos. In his six short seasons as general manager, he has navigated through three coaches, six starting quarterbacks, and two schematic identities. Gary Kubiak was another great addition when Elway hired him in 2015, as he guided Denver to a Super Bowl 50 championship.

“He and John were a good mix,” former Broncos VP of Corporate Communications Jim Saccomano explained on The Final Verdict on Mile High Sports Radio. “Talk about uber competitive, both of them and now, Gary moves on and John looks for the next guy to match his competitive spirit. Hard to find, but I know John will do it.” 

For every team crisis thus far, Elway has had the answer. He rebuilt the Broncos when he took over the general manager position in 2010, got Peyton Manning in 2012. After getting blown out in Super Bowl XLVIII by the Seattle Seahawks, Elway decided to bump up the Broncos defense by signing Demarcus Ware, TJ Ward and Aqib Talib. There’s no question John Elway has shown a masterful hand as general manager for the Broncos.

Now Elway is preparing for another retooling, starting with hiring a new head coach. There are a lot of applications and interviews Elway must carefully go through. Hopefully, whomever he chooses will have a competitive fire that burns as bright as Elway’s.

Listen to the full interview with Jim Saccomano, including his feelings on Kubiak and the state of sports journalism, in the podcast below…

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