This is not going to be the easiest week for John Elway. He has until Friday afternoon to get Von Miller to accept a long-term contract extension. Elway also has until Friday afternoon to find a trade partner who can offer a deal that Miller would accept.

Given the strong position Miller has held in regards to playing the upcoming season on the franchise tag, the Broncos find themselves in a situation in which they could end up losing Miller without getting any compensation back.

This is why Elway needs to be prepared to put two different plans in place this week.

Plan A is to do everything in his power to sign Miller to a long-term extension. The two sides are fairly close to agreeing on the financials of a new deal. However, the question is: Does Miller still want to end his career in Denver given the bumpy offseason and frictional relationship with Elway. At this stage, it is more about relationship repair for Elway and the front office than meeting every financial demand Miller has.

Plan B is for Elway to gauge which teams are interested in Miller. With that information, Elway can then figure out what teams have the cap space to give Miller what he wants. From that point, Elway can seriously begin to discuss and put together a trade. It sound harsh, but this is the reality of the current situation.

WEEKEND DRIVE LIVE STREAMIt is important that Elway has a plan for every situation this week. The one thing Denver fans learned from Elvis Dumervil is that this Friday deadline is unforgiving. Things will happen quickly and unexpectedly this week and Denver cannot afford to be unprepared for any situation. What the Broncos could lose this time could be a franchise changer.

I mostly believe that Miller will sign long term in Denver. However, there is a tiny part of me that thinks Von could be headed out of town with the Broncos getting nothing back. It is on Elway and how ready he is to handle any situation that comes up during this extremely stressful week.

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