As part of the NFL Competition Committee, John Elway has been in Arizona for nearly a week. Also in town is Stephen Jones, Director of Player Personnel for the Dallas Cowboys and son of owner Jerry Jones. Though they have spoken about many things, one subject has never been broached: Tony Romo.

“We’ve been here all week and his name never came up,’’ Elway said (via Mike Klis).

This revelation should not come as a surprise. All offseason, the Denver Broncos have stood firm on the company line. They say they haven’t met internally about Romo, they say they are happy with Trevor Siemian and Paxton Lynch, they appear to be unwilling to discuss the quarterback as long as he is a Cowboy.

Romo reportedly feels that he will have two options for next season, neither of which is the Broncos. If he is released, if the Cowboys actually decide to “do right by Romo,” then it’s a whole different ballgame. Until that happens, do not run and get an orange No. 9 jersey.