With their first pick in Day 3 of the NFL draft, the Denver Broncos selected running back Devontae Booker of Utah. Even though Booker was taken in Round 4, he was ranked near the top of the Broncos draft board, according to John Elway.

Booker spoke to the Denver media shortly after being drafted and addressed the status of his knee.

“I’m doing good right now; I’m about 90 percent,” said Booker. “I’m just doing everything I need to do to get back strong and it’s coming along great.”

While knee injuries used to be a death sentence for running backs, now players typically can bounce back from them. One reason why Booker fell to the last day of the draft was he tore his meniscus back in November; however, Booker won’t blame it on his knee.

“I wouldn’t really blame my injuries for me dropping,” said Booker.

Even though Elway is very high on Booker, the Broncos aren’t paying C.J. Anderson starter money to sit behind a rookie. Booker knows he can still help the team as a rookie, even if it’s on special teams.

“I played special teams in junior college and when I got up to Utah they put me on it for the first couple weeks,” said Booker. “If [the Broncos] need me to play special teams, I’m all for it, whatever they need me to do I’ll do it.”