The Denver Broncos have boosted their defensive line this offseason in an effort to be better at stopping the run and getting after the quarterback. John Franklin-Myers can do both and should provide the team with better production than they’ve had in recent years.

John Franklin-Myers excited for new start with Denver Broncos

After spending the last four seasons with the New York Jets, John Franklin-Myers is excited for his new start with the Denver Broncos.

From a growth standpoint, Franklin-Myers has consistently gotten better year after year. He began his rise as a role player for the Jets’ defense before becoming a stable part of their pass rush.

In 2020, he appeared in 15 games and started in two of them before earning a long-term role. From 2020 to 2023, he accumulated 17.5 sacks, 125 tackles, and an astonishing 61 quarterback hits.

While Jets fans were hopeful he’d return during the offseason, New York’s decision to trade for Haason Reddick ended that dream.

“As far as the trade, the Jets traded for [Jets OLB] Haason [Reddick] and reached out to us and told us to see what we could find,” Franklin-Myers said. “From there, you get the chance to have your conversations and do what you need to do. Denver came up and shoot, what an opportunity I had. I talked to the coaches and talked to the staff members. I just heard the vision, heard what they wanted to do for me, how I could help this team and the opportunity that was presented. To play for [Head] Coach Sean Payton, I couldn’t pass that up. You talk about the defense they run and putting guys in good positions, that’s what I’m looking forward to. I’m looking forward to going out there with them and playing physical.”

On paper, he’ll be a strong addition alongside Zach Allen and D.J. Jones, with a rotation of players like Malcolm Roach and Angelo Blackson behind him.

Sean Payton emphasized what he believes JFM will bring to the table for them this upcoming season.

“Each year, consistently you saw the numbers, the numbers, the numbers,” Payton said of JFM. “It was kind of like you couldn’t even imagine how close they were. Now it came through power rush, bull rush or took an edge. It’s harder for him now to show you those things when we’re not in pads. So now, it’s alignment, it’s the scheme, where am I at and how am I fitting? I think we’ll see a lot more of that when we’re in pads. You can’t bull rush a guy out here; it’s kind of hard to do. He’s a powerful player. I would say when you grade or look at his pressure statistics over the last four years or five years, it’s pretty interesting. They’re very consistent across the board. So you see a very consistent player, but again during these drills you’re not able to necessarily see that.”

Once the pads come on for training camp, he’ll be one player that Broncos Country should have their eyes on.