Buckle up, Broncos Country, here comes a blast from the past.

According to ESPN’s Jon Gruden, the Denver Broncos should seriously consider making a move for a quarterback, and along with Tony Romo, Gruden suggests the Broncos reach out to their old friend, Jay Cutler.

“The Broncos get another shot to evaluate their 2016 prospects when Trevor Siemian starts against the Texans. Siemian and Paxton Lynch have long-term promise. They are the future. But the championship window for this defense will not stay this wide open forever, and if the Broncos’ offense continues to sputter, a short-term move for Tony Romo or Jay Cutler before the Nov. 1 trading deadline should be a consideration, at least.”

(via ESPN.com)

Jay “Cry Baby” Cutler, huh?

Obviously, there are pros and cons with both guys — our own Michael Jaycox broke down why John Elway should take the risk on Tony Romo — but to say that Cutler burned some bridges in Denver would be an understatement.

Now, to be fair, it wasn’t all his fault — that Josh McDaniels fella was a bit of a pain to deal with — but he definitely wouldn’t be welcomed back to the Mile High City with open arms.