Things are starting to feel rather hopeless for the Denver Broncos’ offense, with the team now buried at 3-6, suffocated by injuries, and showing no signs of improvement despite already enjoying their bye week. Josey Jewell hasn’t lost hope yet though.

“They have Russell Wilson and they have a bunch of other gamers on the other side,” Jewell said. “You have [WR] Courtland [Sutton], you have [WR] Jerry [Jeudy] and you have all these other guys that can play ball and play ball at a high level. I’m sure they’re going to come along sometime and whenever they do, we’re going to be excited. We’re just going to keep playing like we are on defense.”

While some of Broncos Country might agree with Josey Jewell’s sentiment, it’s hard to buy into the 2022 version of Wilson, when it just appears to be so mentally lost that he can’t even execute the most basic and obvious aspects of the quarterbacking position.

Even if one refuses to allow themselves to be hurt again by putting faith in the offense, they should find some promise in the way Jewell talked about the defense standing strong.

The biggest thing for us (on defense) is just staying focused on what we can do and how we can perfect our craft,” Jewell said. “Even from this game, we played pretty good on defense, but there are still some things to fix. [We have to] try to be perfectionists to find those things.”

It was also nice to hear what Josey Jewell had to say about what Ejiro Evero has brought to the defense, and how he’s helped ensure continued dominance, despite the season’s disappointing outcome.

The biggest thing is he just keeps on saying, ‘Keep on plugging away. Keep on doing our job.’ That’s the only thing we can do,” Jewell said. “We can be excited for [the offense], we can cheer them on—which we do—but the biggest thing is staying focused on us because we don’t want to screw anything up, especially when they come out and play well. Just keep on plugging away and doing our job to the best of our ability. I [have] really enjoyed him so far. This is probably the most fun I’ve had—this is the most fun I’ve had since I’ve been in the league [while] playing this type of defense and this amount of control. It’s been fun to play for him and just to hear his insight. [He’s] very vocal about it and he’ll talk about every single small, little thing and there’s no miscommunication there. It’s fun to talk to him. He’s an open book on the defense and a great teacher.”

Hopefully, the Broncos will be able to keep Evero in Denver for a while.